Retired Irish wrestler Connor McGregor sent his condolences to his arch-rival Dagestani wrestler Habib Noor Muhammadov on the death of his father Abdul Manaf in hospital due to complications from his infection with the Coruna virus.

McGregor tweeted - on his official Twitter account - comforting his great rival, "the loss of my father, coach and loyal sports fan, my condolences .. rest in peace Abdul Manaf Nur Mammadov".

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov announced the death of Abdul-Manaf. He said, "From the Chechen people, my sincere condolences to the family of Abdul-Manaf Nur Muhammadov, we left and left behind a good reputation and a worthy and strong generation."

Abdul Manaf has passed away at the age of 57 after suffering health complications due to being infected with the Coronavirus.

Abdel-Manaf suffered a heart attack that caused him to be taken to the hospital at the end of last April, and he went into a coma twice, describing his condition after that as "serious".

Abdel Manaf - who was a champion in the sport of Samo (martial arts that promoted in the era of the former Soviet Union) and after his retirement became one of the most famous martial sports coaches in Russia - he was very close to his son the champion of mixed martial arts since he was a child, and contributed to his arrival To this level with this sport.

Habib recently indicated that he was visiting his father daily, and continued, "He knew me, but there was no physical contact between us because of his being placed on resuscitation equipment."

He continued, "They let me in every day, spend half an hour with him, hold his hand and ask him: Do you know me? He was answering with nodding."