The environmental candidate, Michèle Rubirola, was elected mayor of Marseille on Saturday.

Elected Saturday at the end of an eventful municipal council, Michèle Rubirola, elected ecologist, was elected mayor of Marseille, making the city topple to the left, held for 25 years by Jean-Claude Gaudin (LR), and after an electoral saga at twists and turns.

Michèle Rubirola, 63, candidate of the union of the left and environmentalists of the Printemps Marseille, obtained an absolute majority, 51 votes out of 92 councilors, the RN having abstained, thanks to the last minute support of the senator ex -PS Samia Ghali. She was applauded at length.

Multiple twists

Saturday noon, confusion reigned after many twists and turns, under the eyes of the Marseillais tired of this interminable soap opera. After the theatrical departure of the elected RN from the municipal council (bringing the total of the votes cast to 92 votes) and the surprise presentation of Samia Ghali (various left), the first round of the vote saw Michèle Rubirola leading the first round, but without an absolute majority, forcing the councilors to stay for a second round.

The first round of voting therefore focused on three candidates: Michèle Rubirola (Printemps marseillais), Samia Ghali (various left) and Guy Teissier (Les Républicains), after the candidate's withdrawal on Saturday from dissident LR Lionel Royer-Perreault. The result did not make it possible to decide between the candidate of the Marseilles Spring (42 votes) and that of the Republicans 41). The RN advisers decided not to vote in the first round, to denounce the negotiations between Samia Ghali, and the two camps, to find out who will be the best bidder to tip the scales one way or the other. "This system of shenanigans and negotiations, we must end. It is this system that has ruined this city!", Lamented Senator RN Stéphane Ravier.