China News Service, July 4 (Xinhua). According to the European Union quoted the European Union News Agency, on July 3 local time, the Italian financial police conducted a surprise inspection of the headquarters building of the Wind-Tre telecommunications company in the town of Milan. Prosecutors accused the company of allegedly using fraudulent means to mislead advertising to enable consumers to activate unused paid services, causing thousands of consumers to suffer financial losses.

  According to reports, Wind-Tre Telecom’s misleading consumer business mainly includes meteorological services, horoscope, paid news, etc., and the amount involved exceeds 12 million euros. During the investigation, the financial police found that at least 11 senior executives of the company were involved in the case.

  Francesco Greco, the chief prosecutor of the Milan City Prosecutor's Office, accused Wind-Tre Telecom of alleged corporate fraud, and 11 corporate executives responsible for related businesses were suspected of deliberately deceiving consumers and contracting through information processing systems Fraud.

  Engenio Fusco, the prosecutor in charge of cybercrime of the Milan City Prosecutor's Office, said that the prosecutor's office had written to the Italian Communications Authority, requesting it to report to the Vodafone, Tim and others on the Wind-Tre telecommunications fraud incident. The telecom operator makes a notification. Resolutely put an end to maliciously binding paid applications and misleading consumption without consumer authorization.

  According to reports, Wind-Tre Telecom is one of the three largest telecommunications operators in Italy, with a mobile phone and wireless network service market share of 28.1%, and a fixed-line and Internet broadband service market share of 13.7%. (Lin Zhuqing)