• Pescara. Homophobic assault, 25 year old beaten by the herd on the seafront


04 July 2020After a few days of close investigations, the Carabinieri of Pescara managed to give a name to the author of the homophobic attack that took place last week against a 25-year-old Molise boy who was walking on the seafront with his boyfriend. It is a young man from Pescara in his early twenties, who has been denounced in a state of freedom for personal injuries, with the aggravating commonality of having acted for abject or futile reasons.

The military of the Arma have reconstructed in detail the dynamics of the attack, examined the videos of the cameras in the area and heard the people present at the time of the events, in particular the assiduous frequenters of the 'Nave di Cascella' area. From the testimonies they went back to the attacker. The details provided by the victim and the boy in his company, witness of the incident, were fundamental for the investigators, who, already 48 hours after the incident, had addressed their investigations on a particular subject.

The investigative effort, therefore, led to a full recognition of the attacker, also confirmed by the witnesses and the images extrapolated from the video surveillance systems. The suspect was not only in that moment, but in the company of his other friends, including a girl. The investigations of the carabinieri continue in order to trace the complete
identification of the other young people present.

The aggressor is defined as a young man with a difficult childhood behind him, who lives with his grandparents, does not work and does not study. The hope is that, once the news of the friend's complaint has been heard, the other members of the group will come forward. The episode took place on the night between 25 and 26 June on the waterfront, near the Nave di Cascella. The victim was in Pescara to visit her boyfriend, a 22-year-old from the area. The two met a group of six or seven very young, including a girl.

First the homophobic insults came, then the quarrel escalated and the 25 year old was hit in the face with violent punches. Some passersby tried to defend the two young men and a scuffle arose. The attackers then fled. The 25-year-old had a broken jaw and underwent surgery.