Iranian media reported that a fire broke out today, Saturday, at the Zarqan electrical power station in the southwest of the country, the latest in a series of fires and explosions that hit some sensitive sites.

In a statement to Tasnim News Agency, Mustafa Rajabi Mashhadi, a spokesman for the state-run Tafanir Energy Company, said that firefighters extinguished the fire.

He added that the fire damaged a transformer in the power station in the city of Ahvaz in Khuzestan province, and that the electrical current returned after a partial interruption.

Other incidents have occurred in facilities around the country recently.

The news site of the Iranian Ministry of Oil, Shanna, reported that a chlorine gas leak occurred in a unit at the Karon Petrochemical Factory near the Imam Khomeini port on the Gulf.

"Some of the employees who were near the unit were slightly injured (due to chlorine inhalation)," the factory director told Channa, adding that the leak had stopped.

On Thursday, a fire broke out at the Natanz nuclear facility, but officials said the operations were not affected.

A former official indicated that the Natanz incident could be an attempt to sabotage work on the plant, which is involved in activities that Western countries say violate the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran.

On Tuesday, 19 people were killed in an explosion at a medical facility in northern Tehran. An official said a gas leak had caused the explosion.

On June 26, an explosion took place east of Tehran near the Parchin military base where weapons were being developed, and authorities said it was caused by a leak at a gas storage facility in an area outside the base.