On the morning of June 17, a clear early summer clear sky spread over Miyagi Prefecture on the Pacific coast of northeastern Japan. The lowest temperature at 4:32 a.m. was 17.7 degrees Celsius, but the temperature rose gradually as the sun rose, and the humidity fell and when I went outside at around 8 am, I could feel comfortable with a light short sleeve. The wind came down from Yamagata Prefecture, a mountainous region in the northwest, toward the Pacific Ocean in the west, and was strong at around 9.7 m per second around 8:00 am.

At 8:20 am on a clear morning with little clouds, a request was sent to Miyagi Prefecture's Sendai Crisis Management Office to confirm the congestion, saying "There is an unknown flight." It was said that a white sphere shaped balloon was flying over Sendai City. The balloon was slowly moving from the east to the west, or toward the Pacific Ocean, by wind, and some reports had a cruciform structure suspended under a white balloon, and the structure was also said to have propellers observed in Phase II. .

After a while, contributions to Sendai's'Monsters' began to appear on Twitter and other social media. Local broadcasting stations followed. Camera reporters who went to the station hurriedly went outside and pointed the camera at the sky. White balloon in the clear sky. The estimated altitude was quite high, around 3000m, but the weather was so good that I could catch the'monster' without difficulty.

Sightings have been reported not only in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, but also in nearby Yamagata Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture. On SNS, videos and photos of witnesses continued to rise, and reports to local media also began to cover local reporters. When the sightings were overlooked by the government offices, the Miyagi Prefectural Office also explained where things might be related to the aircraft and began to identify them.

The aircraft is in the form of a white balloon and a'structure' suspended from it, and the most easily recalled was the measuring device used by the Korea Meteorological Administration for observation of sky and air. However, the answer was'I don't know' at the Sendai Regional Weather Station. The Self-Defense Force, the Second Regional Maritime Security Headquarters, and the Miyagi Prefectural Police responded the same. The Sendai Airport Office belonging to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Japanese government, also responded,'I don't know the English.' In case you didn't know, I also contacted Tofuku University, the largest university in the area, but there was no response here.

Aircraft slowly moved westward in the wind, receiving the hot (?) eyes of the residents of Miyagi Prefectural Office, local reporters, and social media who had heard of the news on SNS. When I pulled it with a good camera, the propeller of the structure suspended from the balloon was slowly spinning at a constant speed without any indication of acute. Considering that the propeller's rotational speed did not change much, and the direction of travel did not change noticeably, it was expected that it would gradually pass through the coast of Miyagi Prefecture to the Pacific Ocean. It is still in the labyrinth whether to remotely control this vehicle from the ground, sea, or even space, as the entity that floats it is still unknown.

As I said, the'looking like' looked most similar to the weather observation system, so the inquiries from the officials went to the head office of the Japan Meteorological Agency. The Japan Meteorological Agency held a press conference and said, "It is different from the weather observation equipment used by the Japan Meteorological Agency. The flying object and the meteorological agency over Miyagi Prefecture are irrelevant." It was a'quick' response, a few hours after the initial discovery, but the question grew even more because it didn't help any questions. It was 3,000 meters above the ground, so it was hard to figure out what the aircraft was doing, no matter how pulled it was from the ground. Meteorological Agency's observation equipment would have performed the function of capturing air above the air or measuring temperature, but the Korea Meteorological Agency drew a line saying that'it has nothing to do with us'. The question,'What is that flying plane doing over Sendai?' It is a foreign reconnaissance aircraft that shoots the ground, and the USFK seems to have floated without permission from the Japanese side. It was only a question that could not be answered.

The question was not resolved at all, and eventually, an unidentified aircraft escaped to the Pacific in a leisurely (?) northwest wind. At around 3:40 pm, clouds in the sky made it no longer possible to observe the aircraft even at the joint building of Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, closer to the east coast than Sendai. Given the wind speed, wind direction, and speed of movement at that time, Miyagi prefecture judged that the vehicle was out of Miyagi prefecture's jurisdiction (including maritime) at around 5 pm and could not do anything other than responding to the related organizations. Ended.

The above is a reconstruction of the document organized by Miyagi Prefecture today. This document contains the results of Miyagi Prefecture's investigation into related agencies and requests for cooperation, etc. after June 17, when an aircraft was sighted. Miyagi Prefecture eventually concluded that it was'unknown' for the'owner and purpose of the vehicle'. In addition, he said, "Our local government does not have a description for tracking high-altitude flying objects, so there is a limit to the prefecture's response."

Governor Yoshihiro Miyagi of Murai, who worked as an executive of the Ground Self-Defense Forces from 1984 to 1992 and worked as a helicopter pilot at the Tofuku Aviation Corps (Sendai Station), said at a press conference in late June, "Unidentified air vehicle There is a possibility of violation. Since there was no damage, it is not a matter of not having to do anything.” I don't know who this was, but if the same thing happens again, it is interpreted to mean that I will ask the government for a'strong response'.

After the full moon after the advent of the ``monstrous vehicle'', which left a mysterious question, the Japanese Internet re-emerged on reports that Miyagi Prefecture had compiled a report on this. Thousands of comments have been missed in comments about related articles in'Yahoo Japan'. Japanese netizens expressed strong dissatisfaction with the conclusion that no matter how hard they tried, the government was unable to determine the identity. 'Miyagi Prefecture must have immediately requested a'investigation flight', either by the Ministry of Defense or the Self-Defense Force,''If it is even loaded with (foreign) chemical weapons and sprayed on the ground, isn't it just the ability to track flying objects?' Isn't that too irresponsible?....mostly criticism. 'The government is aware of the identity of the aircraft, but there may be reasons why it cannot be made public. Then, what's the secret?'.. Like Japanese netizens with deep roots in the history of'conspiracy theory' or'urban legend', the presumption is 100%, but it doesn't reveal the truth in anyone, whether it is a country, a group, or an organization. It seems like this is also the possibility that the ``goblin bustle'' will remain unanswered.