Riots in Portland, USA escalate! Demonstrators set off "industrial fireworks", opened fire with "mortars", and threw knives at the police...

  [Global Network Report Trainee Reporter Cui Yan] On the evening of July 2 local time, Portland, Oregon, the United States once again broke out a large-scale riot. Some demonstrators set off "industrial fireworks" during the protests, causing one person to be injured. There were also demonstrators firing with "mortars" outside the local court. When the police dispersed the crowd, someone even threw a knife at the police...

  According to "Russia Today" (RT) reported on the 3rd, on the evening of the 2nd local time, hundreds of people gathered in the center of Portland to hold a protest. The initial activity was peaceful, but gradually evolved into a large-scale conflict.

  According to the local police, when the police tried to disperse the crowd around 23:42 on the evening of the 2nd, some demonstrators started to throw "big stones, jars and bottles" and other throwing objects at the police with a slingshot, triggering the police and the demonstrators Conflicts.

  Police said there were also demonstrators setting off "industrial fireworks" on the streets. A video shot by witnesses at the scene showed that a demonstrator was injured after being hit by fireworks exploded in an instant, and then was helped away by others. There were also demonstrators who posted on the Internet photos of them using "mortars" to fire outside the city's courts and causing the scene to explode.

  The Portland Police Department issued a statement at 23:52 that night confirming a large-scale conflict near the court, saying that the statement was to protect the lives of people inside and outside the federal court.

  RT said that some demonstrators returned to the local court at about 0:46 am on the 3rd local time and continued to use "mortars" to open fire outside. The scene instantly ignited flames.

  According to reports, the police arrested some people on the evening of the 2nd, but the specific number of arrests has not yet been known. The police also said that during the confrontation between the police and the demonstrators, some people threw an open folding knife at the police.