The Russian wrestler in mixed martial arts, Habib Nur Mammadov, received a shocking news that his father and his trainer had left today, Friday, after health problems since he was infected with the Coruna virus weeks ago.

Abdul Manaf, the father of Habib Nur Mammadov, has passed away at the age of 57, after suffering health complications due to his infection with the Coronavirus.

Abdel-Manaf suffered a heart attack that caused him to be taken to the hospital at the end of last April, and he went into a coma twice, describing his condition after that as "serious but stable".

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And the website "Russia Today" quoted Ramadan Rappadanov, a friend of the Nur Muhammadov family, as saying that Abdul Manaf died today due to a stroke, and confirmed that the late was in a serious condition during the past days.

Abdel-Manaf was a champion of the Samo, a martial art that promoted in the era of the former Soviet Union, and after his retirement became one of the most famous martial sports coaches in Russia.