Samia Ghali, in Marseille, October 4, 2019. - Alain ROBERT / SIPA

The proposal had been deemed unthinkable by Olivia Fortin, the tomb of Martine Vassal in the 6th and 8th arrondissements of Marseille. Yet this is what ex-PS senator Samia Ghali claims at the Printemps marseillais: she asks Michèle Rubirola, head of the union of the left of the Printemps marseillais, to be no more and no less than her first assistant.

"This request seems legitimate to me, assures the senator in a press release. Firstly, because beyond the values ​​we share, I am the one who can allow him on Saturday to be effectively mayor of Marseille. Secondly and above all because the desire to rebalance our city and take into account working-class neighborhoods can no longer be mere words ”.

"It is not thinkable"

Samia Ghali was re-elected Sunday in her popular area north of the city. His voices count to assure the left of winning on Saturday. Still, the pill is probably difficult to swallow for Spring.

"It is not conceivable", said on France Bleu Provence Thursday Olivia Fortin, the new mayor of the 6th and 8th districts, before continuing: "The or the first assistant of Michèle Rubirola must be someone she knows well, with whom it has been working for a long time. Inevitably someone from the Printemps Marseillais. "


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