His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, surprised citizens who are about to marry, and whose wedding dates coincided with the pandemic conditions "Corona", with a congratulatory card, in which he wished them a blessed and happy marriage, and success in building a new Emirati family Knit knit.

The greeting cards were not delivered by a delivery company, but government personalities led by the Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Youth Foundation, Shamma Suhail Al Mazrouei, and the Director General of the Federal Youth Foundation Said Al-Nazri.

Citizens, who received congratulatory cards from His Highness, Vice President of the State, confirmed to "Emirates Today" that their happiness by congratulating His Highness exceeded their happiness at their weddings, and what they were seeking to organize for wedding parties that included large numbers of invitees, pointing out that limiting the ceremony to the family reduced the cost of marriage by It amounts to 90% of the normal cost that was spent under normal circumstances.

And they saw that reducing the cost of the marriage ceremony by such a large percentage raises from the shoulders of the emerging family huge debts that burden the two parties of the family for several years to come, stressing that these exorbitant costs in reality have no goal other than "flaunting".

The bride Hamda Ahmad said: “I was overjoyed when I received the message of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, signed in his handwriting, and not an electronic signature, as this message gives us motivation, especially when it comes from our leadership and at the beginning of our new family life.” She added: “I decided With the groom, the marriage ceremony should be at home, and restricted to the family only, due to the pandemic conditions (Corona), and following the precautionary measures set by the state to preserve the safety of members of society. "

She continued: "We set a budget for the wedding ceremony between 400 to 500 thousand dirhams, which includes the wedding ceremony and the accompanying expenses, equipment and hotel hall and others, but the ceremony that we held at home cost only 20 thousand dirhams, and this significant reduction which exceeds 87% What raises our shoulders as a couple begins with the formation of a new family, a great debt and material stress that affects us in the future. "

She pointed out that "the dream of any girl" Alkoshah "and the wedding ceremony that includes large numbers of well-wishers, but I see all of them are luxuries performed by the groom for the sake of others, and to show off that the best wedding was a wedding so and no benefit to them, but the small group that attended the groom from individuals For them, the family is their joy, and they can inform the newlyweds of true joy. "

The bride Badr Al-Badur Saleh Al-Farsi said: “I was informed that the Minister of State for Youth Affairs, Shamma Al-Mazrouei, will visit me to congratulate me on marriage, and it has never occurred to me that she carries with her a greeting card from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and when I opened the card The name of the congratulator surprised me and signed it, and a feeling of happiness leaked into me that I cannot describe. ”She added:“ I gave up the groom's ceremony, but the congratulatory card of His Highness the Vice-President compensated me and more than any party that could have been organized for this occasion. ”

She pointed out that the marriage ceremony in normal circumstances is called for more than 500 men and women, but it is now restricted to members of the two families, stressing, "I felt very familiar with the wedding ceremony, and the greeting card (Jabr Khater) exceeded all expectations, and this was not my feeling." Just, it was a feeling shared by family members. "

She hoped that the costs of marriage would continue to decrease, whether in the event of circumstances such as the one we are living in now or others, attributing this to the fact that the wedding, whether in a large hall or in a house, the goal of it will not change in terms of joy and the formation of a family, and certainly the family will be happier if her career begins without Debt.

The groom Ahmed Muhammad Lubari said: "The congratulatory card of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid is a real motive for the start of a happy and stable Emirati family, and it is a message that made me proud that the leadership of the state cares about their children and supports them," stressing that congratulating His Highness compensated me for any party or any other joy.

He added: I received a phone call from the Director General of the Federal Foundation for Youth, Saeed Al-Nazri, and asked me to visit him in his office at the institution, because I have a congratulatory message on the occasion of my marriage, and when I opened the message I was surprised that it was a congratulatory card from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid.

He called on young citizens who are about to get married not to exaggerate the expenses of the marriage ceremony, and to limit themselves to the basic things, which reduce about 90% of the costs of marriage, so that they do not start their lives with financial debts that may cause them problems in the future.

The bride, Sumaya Muhammad Yaqoub, said: "We planned to marry in the current period, after delaying for a number of months, and we decided to marry without a ceremony, in compliance with the precautionary measures that the state has put in place to prevent infection from the Corona virus, and I was surprised that the fulfillment of the Ali Ali family from The Federal Youth Foundation received a greeting card from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, and my happiness was greater than that of the wedding.

She added: "The message of His Highness the Vice-President of the State made me feel that I am a distinguished person, and although the person who attended the marriage contract does not exceed 10 people, in addition to that I could not hold a graduation party this year, but the message made up for all that and more.

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