German Chancellor Angela Merkel wore a mask for the first time at the official statue.

Prime Minister Merkel was present in the Commonwealth House wearing a black mask to prevent corona19.

Prime Minister Merkel was asked by reporters that he had never seen a masked mask at a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron who visited Berlin on the 29th of last month.

Prime Minister Merkel replied with a laugh, saying, "We don't wear a mask when we follow the rules of distance keeping. We can't follow the rules of distance keeping.

Germany is obliged to wear masks in shops and public transport.

In Germany, the recent infection of corona19 has occurred in large slaughterhouses, etc., but the overall infection is managed stably.

On the previous day, the reproduction index was 0.83, which was 1 or less for the 9th consecutive day.

The reproductive index is the level of infection per patient, meaning that the infection situation is improving.

(Photo = AP, Yonhap News)