Corona19 continues in many countries around the world.

In the United States, college students had a betting party that rewards the first person who gets corona.

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This party was the first party among Corona19 patients who actually came into contact with the patient, and was the first to award tickets to the infected.

So, the party attendees made a bet on the corona first.

Obviously, the quarantine guidelines such as social distance and wearing a mask were completely ignored.

Local health officials in the United States have said that this type of party has been held several times over the past few weeks, and that there will be more unconfirmed actions to disband as soon as the site is confirmed.

People's critics continue to hold such parties, knowing that they can carry the disease to people close to their families as well as themselves.

The netizens responded, "Huh.. do you have two lives? I can't believe it." "I think it's a bizarre crime beyond pathetic."

(Source: Twitter jasonashville)