Canadian Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion said on the 3rd local time that he will start an investigation into whether Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau helped a charity get a government contract. Prior to this, Trudeau and his family supported the charity “WE” (WE) in various ways, and this charity received a federal government grant of $900 million last month Exclusive management rights for the plan. It is suspected that this institution may have obtained this contract based on its close relationship with the Trudeau family.

  Dion said he will conduct investigations in accordance with the relevant regulations that “prohibit public officials from making decisions that are in the interests of oneself or someone else’s private interests”.

  Earlier on the 3rd, Canada’s Federal Government Youth Minister Bardish Chagger issued a statement announcing that the Federal Government, after consulting with a charity called “we” (WE), decided to suspend the administration of the federal government’s total A $900 million student financial aid program.

  (Headquarters reporter Zhang Sen)