New related organization established in Hong Kong, China Appointed government officials to major posts July 3 19:07

Under the Hong Kong National Security Act, which came into effect this week, the Chinese government has announced personnel appointments for senior officials of the Chinese government to be appointed to key posts of the newly established agencies in Hong Kong. A system to crack down on anti-governmental activities led by China has begun a full-scale move.

The Chinese government appoints the Chinese government's head of branch office, Mr. Jin Huining, as an advisor to the newly established “National Security Maintenance Commission” in Hong Kong, based on the Hong Kong National Security Act enacted last month. I announced that I did.

This committee analyzes the security situation in Hong Kong and formulates policies, and the nominal top is the administrative secretary, Mr. Zheng Yue Lin, but the law says that he will be supervised by the Chinese government. It seems that he will be in a position to lead the Secretary.

He also said that the Chinese government has appointed Secretary General Zheng Yi Zheng of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party to head the new National Security Agency, a new security agency in Hong Kong.

In addition, in Hong Kong, Secretary-General Zheng Lin has appointed six judges in charge of national security trials on the 3rd, and a system leading to the independence of the judiciary is also in place.

The major personnel affairs of related organizations have been decided, and a system to crack down on anti-governmental activities led by China has started in earnest.

On the other hand, in Hong Kong, on the 3rd, of the 10 people arrested for violating the National Security Act on the 1st of this month, 1 was charged with guilt of national division and terrorist activity. This is the first time I have been prosecuted in Hong Kong for violating this law.