Annika Saarikko (center), who returns from the family as a minister, said on Facebook that she had visited Sanna Marin (sd) in Kesäranta.

The archipelago praised his conversation with Marin.

- Last weeks on family leave. But a little glimpse of what’s to come: I went to Kesäranta today. Good discussion with Prime Minister Sanna Marini on return to work and responsibilities. It is a pleasure to join the ranks of the government, Saarikko wrote in his update.

Saarikko, who will return as Minister of Science and Culture, will return as Minister at the beginning of August. Hanna Kosonen (center), who held the position during Saarikko's maternity leave, returns to the role of Member of Parliament.

In an interview with Ilta-Sanomat earlier, Saarikko said that he had agreed on his own initiative to meet with Prime Minister Sanna Marini and the chairman of the center, Katri Kulmun, before taking up her duties, to get on the cart's internal dynamics.

- We have a good prime minister and I want to hear what kind of operating culture I want to join. It 's not me who decides, but I come to the finished table. I am humble about it.

Saarikko said she felt very privileged because she could have been on maternity leave in the first stages of both Aarn and Kaarlo. Of the line ministers, only Eeva Kuuskoski (center) and Paula Lehtomäki (center) have done so before her.

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Saarikko also said he hoped she would not be the last minister on maternity leave.

- I would like to emphasize that it is important not only to think about whether the Minister can stay on maternity leave, but also how these jobs can be organized so that, family and work can be reconciled even after returning.