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British five-year-old Tony suffered the loss of both legs due to his parents' abuse.

But I ran 10km to help another pediatric patient.

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British five-year-old Tony is crossing the finish line.

In June, I finally completed the challenge of walking 10km in a prosthetic leg.

Without stopping for 30 days, I walked every day to fill the target distance of 10 km.

Tony's 5-year-old challenge was to help another pediatric patient in the hospital where he had surgery three years ago.

Tony suffered the loss of both legs because of his parents' abuse, but he showed that he could help and encourage another friend like this.

More than 50,000 people have helped here.

A whopping 1228,000 pounds and more than 1.8 billion won of our money have been raised.

Over 55,000 people have participated so far, and the helping hand continues.

The netizens responded, "The little boy who teaches adults! There are no angels!"

(Source: YouTube 5 News)