Four students at the Applied Technology Secondary School in Falaj Al-Mualla, Umm Al-Quwain Emirate, created a device for communication between patients and nurses. Nurse Aide.

The teacher of applied electrical technology at the school, the female student project supervisor, Engineer Bahaa Al-Din Sheikh Saleh, told «Emirates Today» that the female students: Nasser, Sheikha Jassem, Alia Abdullah and Al Maha Saeed, noticed that in most hospitals a nurse or nurse is assigned to care for eight Patients, and some hospitals where patients exceed this number, especially during the period when the world is witnessing the Corona pandemic. He added that each patient has a button that he presses to call the nurse if he needs something, and sometimes he requests more than the patient's nurse at the same time, and then you cannot determine which of them needs urgent care, and from here the four students thought about devising a device that identifies the nurses in their location. Patients, to make requests easier to meet according to their priority.

And explain the way the device works, that the patient has a set of options on his mobile phone, including requesting water for drinking or medications, or going to the bathroom or others, and he can through his phone call a number assigned to each nurse, then appears in a device with the nurse the patient's name, data and the need he requests , Indicating that the form completed by students includes only four requests, and can be increased to dozens of requests, pointing out that the device is completely safe, because it does not need electrical wires, but it needs a power source (charging).

The device consists of an electronic circuit that communicates with the patient's mobile phone, to convert voice commands into electrical signals on electronic gates, to activate the lighting on the receiver in the location of the nurses, to determine the needs of patients.

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