The foreign media reported that the US has wiped out three months of remnants of Gilead Sciences, a Corona 19 treatment.

According to CNN and AFP, the U.S. purchased 92% of Gilead's Remdesivir production by the end of September.

Specifically, I bought 100% of the expected production in July, and secured 90% of the production in August and September.

This is said to be the amount that can be used for over 500,000 treatments.

Remedyvir is the only Corona19 treatment approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for emergency use, and is patented by Gilead.

In a press release, US Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Eisa said, "Donald Trump has set an amazing contract to get Americans access to the first approved treatment."

Gilliard said he plans to produce Remdecivir for use in more than half a million treatments by October and over 2 million by December, but it is unclear whether the drug will be distributed worldwide.

Gilead has so far donated 1.5 million doses worldwide, which can be used in about 140,000 treatments.

In addition, agreements with five generic drug manufacturers in India, Egypt, and Pakistan have allowed the production of remdesivir to supply 127 low-income countries.

The gaze surrounding the sweeping remnants of the United States is not multiplied.

The global competition for securing Remdesibir can be even more intense.

"There are a lot of very sick people all over the world," said Michael Ryan, deputy secretary for World Health Organization Emergency Preparedness, in a press briefing on Monday.

Gilead said earlier that on the 29th of last month, assuming that Corona 19 treatment took 5 days, private insurance in the United States would have to pay $3,120 and public insurance for $2,340.