European police have managed to break the criminals' communication tools EncroChat - super-encrypted phones that are also used by gangs in Sweden.

The breakthrough has led to the Swedish police being able to arrest a larger number of people linked to organized crime in Sweden in a coordinated Europol effort.

According to Linda H Staaf, head of the intelligence unit Noa, the police have been able to monitor the criminals' communications in real time and based on it probably averted over a dozen murder attempts.

- It is clear how well planned the shootings are and how little a human life is worth in these circles. How little is needed to decide to shoot someone, the threshold is not very high, she says.

Multiple million amounts seized

The police have also seized many millions in cash, large quantities of drugs and several weapons. Where in the country the killings occurred or where the planned murders would have been carried out, Linda Staaf does not want to go into.

- But if you produce a map and see where shootings and blasts in Sweden take place, it is essentially in the same places.

Been under the biggest secret

The operation, which has no connection to Rimfrost, has been under great secrecy and has resulted in a setback for organized crime, according to Linda H Staaf. What step the criminals are taking next does not want to go into.

- But we continue to work in every conceivable way to keep the crime hacked in the heel to discover all the new communication paths that one takes.

"Like having an infiltrator"

The breakthrough has also sent shock waves through organized crime across Europe. In the UK, the police have managed to arrest some of the country's most dangerous criminals and seized more than 54 million pounds, almost SEK 630 million.

"It's been like having an infiltrator in every organized criminal group in the country," Nikki Holland told the British police, according to the AP.