The executives of the Republicans themselves recognize that the right has left fallow the ecological subjects in recent years. To find a voice on this theme in public space, and while the second round of municipal elections devoted a strong breakthrough to the greens, the party intends to set up within its parliamentary group a cell dedicated to the environment .

The right also wants to green! Taking advantage of the green wave in municipal elections, the Les R├ępublicains party has just announced the creation of a special cell on the environment within the parliamentary group. This "task force" shows, in the aftermath of an election which cost them some historic bastions for the benefit of the Greens, that the party led by Christian Jacob understood the electoral stake represented by ecology.

Among the Republicans we claim it: we can be right and green. "We have messages, we had positions, we just have to organize them, and be a little more visible," explains Aisne deputy Julien Dive. But when we ask this elected official what a right-wing ecology is, the answer is a bit vague. "When we say responsible ecology, it is not to make ecology a hammer that punishes those who are not respectful because they have an old diesel," he says.

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"We can today have a lot to say on the subject"

The right would have become inaudible on ecological issues, after having "left these topics fallow", deplores a cadre of Republicans. But for Manche deputy Philippe Gosselin, ecology can be a political issue, especially when talking to young people. "Without running towards a green radicalism, we can today have a lot to say on a subject which tarnishes the whole of society and not just a political party, the Greens, or some personalities like Jadot or others ", he maintains.

Beyond a program which remains to be defined, it is also necessary to know who can carry the subject. Since Jean-Louis Borloo and Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, nobody has embodied ecology on the right.