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It has been the big bomb of the week in terms of social chronicle. Semana magazine published exclusively the news that we never imagined would be the cover of the coated paper. Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas have put an end to one of the most stable marriages in our country after 24 years of marriage and 28 years of relationship.

As stated in the same publication, the harsh decision would have come by mutual agreement and, it is claimed, there would be no third parties involved in the outcome. Apparently, and as it has been known, things were not going well in their marriage for several years and the official reason for the final goodbye between them would be the wear and tear of the relationship without the possibility of going back: "They have tried to maintain a good coexistence for the sake of their daughters, but the decision is made and both believe that it is the best between them. "

However, it has only taken a few hours since the news of the divorce of Paloma and Enrique was known to have pointed out a third person as the cause of this famous break. The person in charge of giving the information has been Beatriz Cortazar at the heart table of the radio program La Mañana de Federico , led by Federico Jiménez Losantos. In this way, the journalist pointed to an image of the bullfighter with a mysterious woman: "She is Spanish, she is about 20 years old or so and she is a student," said the communicator.

Apparently, and according to the data verified by Cortázar, her romance would have started at the beginning of last year and, although she is an anonymous girl, in addition to studying, Ponce's new conquest would be "aspiring model". Not only that. It seems that the bullfighting environment in which the right-hander moves would have been the context in which both would have known each other and even Cortázar pointed to some initials: AS An information that several programs echoed and that even, in the case of Sálvame , a figure is pointing more. Antonio David Flores assured that the young woman would belong to the "circle of friends of Luis Miguel".

Everyone knows the friendship that the marriage has maintained with the Mexican artist. A relationship of years that, if the voices that point to the Sun of Mexico are true, would also be aware of this parallel history.

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