• Messina Denaro, de Raho: strangely, you don't get to catch him
  • Mafia, confiscated assets for 250 thousand euros from Messina Denaro's brother-in-law


02 July 2020 The ex-mayor Dc of Castelvetrano Antonio Vaccarino, 74 years old, tried for competition in disclosure of official secrecy and personal aiding with the aggravating circumstance for mafia, was sentenced by the Marsala Court to six years in prison. Vaccarino had been arrested on April 16, 2019 together with two carabinieri (Lieutenant Colonel Marco Alfio Zappalà and the accused Giuseppe Barcellona, ​​both sentenced today by the Palermo gup Annalisa Tesoriere, the first to four years in abbreviated prison, the second to one year with bargained sentence), as part of the investigation into the fugitive boss Matteo Messina Denaro.

According to the prosecutors of the DDA, the former mayor, who had been released 15 days after the arrest last year, and then was arrested again on January 10, in February 2018 he received from Zappalà, at the time serving in the Dia Caltanissetta, an excerpt of an interception and would have turned it to Vincenzo Santangelo, owner of a funeral agency already convicted of mafia. To be intercepted was a conversation between two people talking about the funeral of Lorenzo Cimarosa, an acquired cousin of Matteo Messina Denaro and collaborator of justice who died in January 2017 from a serious illness.     

At the first hearing of the trial on February 25, Vaccarino asked to make spontaneous statements. "I have always fought the mafia - defended the former mayor of Castelvetrano. I contributed to the defeat of his unskilled labor. Law enforcement officers can confirm this. I collaborated with the secret services and to this I owe my death sentence by the bloodthirsty Matteo Messina Money. For the mafiosi I am a walking dead, but I, as a former mayor, do not run away. However, my heart is tormented by the infamy of aiding and abetting people I have always fought ". And after words of esteem for the judges, he concluded by saying that he believes "in the judgment of God".   

Last May 26, for Vaccarino the prosecutors of the DDA Francesca Dessì and Pierangelo Padova had asked for a sentence of seven years in prison. The prosecutor Padua also revealed that Vaccarino, speaking with Santangelo, "not knowing he was intercepted, said of Lorenzo Cimarosa 'this mud that has repented'". On this point, however, defense lawyers Baldassare Lauria and Giovanna Angelo contested that it was talking about Lorenzo Cimarosa, but the two prosecutors reiterated that the dead of whom he was talking in the intercepted conversation could only be Lorenzo Cimarosa.