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02 July 2020The school to come, the post (?) Covid school is still at the center of the public debate. With the minister called to confirm and deny the hypotheses that overlap on what the next school year will be like.

Plexiglas barriers in classrooms? "One of the many fake news about the school. Putting an image with Plexiglas booths means clicking." Lucia Azzolina, interviewed on La7, said of the Instruction, explaining that in a meeting of the Scientific Technical Committee "we had thought of different solutions and we had also talked about possible dividers, but not about Plexiglas cabins that I then saw on the newspapers. We never, ever thought of such a thing. Who can ever imagine putting students in Plexiglas 'cages'? "   

July with schools open? "A reflection can be opened, but we must keep our feet on the ground"
"We are the European country with more days of lessons at school," explained the minister. "We have distributed them in a very, very compact way. Of course, you can think of a remodeling as happens in other European countries, but you have to adapt the classrooms first because you can't send the kids to school with temperatures of 30-35 degrees".   

With regard to the duration in class hours when you return to the desks, Azzolina replied that "it will depend, in the name of school autonomy, on school leaders, which has been taking place for twenty years. There are already lessons that have a different duration".