China News Service, July 2nd, comprehensive foreign media reported that on July 1, local time, Japanese government sources said that the United States had informed Japan that it hoped to organize a G7 summit at the end of August. Japanese Prime Minister Abe Jin San is willing to attend.

  According to Reuters reports, two people with direct knowledge of the Japanese government told Reuters that Japan replied to the United States that if the summit was held at the end of August, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was willing to attend.

  US President Trump said in May that he would postpone the G7 summit until September or later and expand the list of invitees to Australia, Russia, South Korea and India.

  Although it is unclear why the summit will be held before September, polls show that Trump’s voter approval rating has declined significantly since the new crown epidemic.

  "He may want to use his achievements in diplomatic relations to achieve a breakthrough," one of the Japanese government sources said.

  According to a report by Kyodo News in Japan, the analysis said that the background reason for holding the plan in August was Trump's intention to hold the Republican Congress and G7 summit in the short term, hoping to create a favorable environment for re-election.