The Civil Guard located last Sunday in a well of a chalet in Galapagar the lifeless body of Youssef Arhray, a 24-year-old man of Maghrebi origin and Spanish nationality who mysteriously disappeared in the Serrano municipality in late August 2019. The corpse was floating in the water at great depth in the plot of the single-family house located at the confluence of Calle Ermita and Calle del Guijarro de Galapagar.

The chalet was rented by a family earlier this year, according to neighbors. The new tenants had noticed a bad smell for months . They were puzzled and puzzled because they did not know where this unpleasant pestilence came from. The stench grew until Sunday they investigated inside the well. At great depth they discovered that a person's body was floating. The residents notified the Civil Guard and the local Police, who rescued the body and saw that it was a young person. He was dressed and no documentation was found inside.

It was immediately suspected that it could be Youssef, since the clothing worn by the deceased was the same as that found on the body: red polo shirt, jeans and black and white sneakers. Biological tests have confirmed the indications.

The autopsy has revealed for the moment that he did not die violently and the agents are inclined to the theory that his death could have been accidental when he fell into the well, as EL MUNDO has learned.

However, his friends do not share this theory and think that perhaps he could be pushed inside. In addition, they emphasize that his mobile phone has not been found, which could yield more data about his strange disappearance.

Agents are now trying to find out the identity of the people who rented the chalet last year. In the area it is said that the plot and the house were rented by a group of young people who left it just after the summer.

After the corpse was rescued, last Sunday the Civil Guard agents were draining the wells of that chalet and of two other plots that have similar wells that communicate with each other through groundwater. The neighbors assure that “the wells were being drained precisely to try to look for the missing person's mobile phone and some of his belongings to try to clarify his disappearance and the reasons for the fall.

Youssef's disappearance was described by his surroundings as very mysterious. Friends and family have been searching for him for many weeks in the municipality. They also made batidas to try to locate him. Her relatives assured that she had no reason to leave without telling anyone. "He was a great boy and he got along well with everyone," said another of his Galapagar colleagues.

It was Thursday, August 28, when Youssef was last seen alive in the village . No one ever suspected that he could be in that place, since it was also not known that he had any relationship with the people who lived there.

During the months of September and October, Youssef's friends and family placed posters with his photography in a lot of bus stops, squares, streets and other points in Galapagar and neighboring towns in the mountains. The best known always insisted that something serious had happened to him and that his disappearance was not voluntary.

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