According to her, Latynina relied on the publication of journalist Michael Vasyura, written using materials from the US prosecutor's office from court hearings.

The pilot’s wife noted that as a result, only materials of the prosecutor’s office were published, without reflecting the position of the second side, that is, Yaroshenko himself.

“I don’t understand why Vasyura contacted Kostya then. He even came to visit us, reviewed all the records of how Kostya flew across Africa, and did not find anything criminal, ”she said.

According to Victoria, the recordings of conversations used in the court had traces of editing, and all the charges were based on a conversation of agents behind Yaroshenko, where the word “drugs” was spoken.

“There was a conversation to which Kostya had nothing to do. And that was the reason for the accusations, ”she added.

According to her, the fact of alleged acquaintance of Yaroshenko with Viktor Bout was also distorted.

“When they asked Kostya if he knew Booth, he answered:“ Yes, I know. ” They had never met in their life. He answered this because it was like asking if he knew who Alla Pugacheva was. Of course, he heard about Victor from the news, ”she said.

Earlier, the wife of Viktor Bout Alla commented on the statements about her husband Latynina, who called Bout "one of the world's largest arms dealers."

Konstantin Yaroshenko was arrested in 2010 in Liberia during an operation by American intelligence agencies. His arrest was the first time that a Russian citizen was captured in a third country and taken to the United States.

Before that, Yaroshenko had never been to the United States and had not committed crimes elsewhere. An American court sentenced the pilot to 20 years in prison in a drug smuggling case.