When did you break up? "Early" or "Cautiously" 4:16 on July 2 in the government and ruling party

Regarding the timing of the dissolution of the House of Representatives and the general election, Deputy Prime Minister Aso and the Minister of Finance expressed the idea that the autumn of this year is desirable, while the Komeito party announced a cautious position that it was not ready and Opinions are being exchanged within the party.

Deputy Prime Minister Aso and Minister of Finance met with Secretary-General Saito of the Komeito on the 29th of last month and exchanged opinions regarding the response to the next House of Representatives election.

At this time, Mr. Aso expressed the idea that the fall of this year is desirable as the timing of the dissolution and general election should be done before the opposition party's posture is ready, while the term of office of the members of the House of Representatives has been more than one year. It was.

In response, Mr. Saito said that he was cautious, saying, "It is difficult if the new coronavirus is not expected to converge and the elections are not ready."

In addition, former Komeito representative Ota also met with Prime Minister Abe on the 30th of last month to exchange opinions.

Furthermore, it is probable that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga had a series of talks with Mr. Saito and the secretary-general of the second floor of the LDP on the 1st, and exchanged opinions on future administration of the government.

Regarding the dissolution/general election, while there are calls for an early dissolution within the LDP, careful consideration is given to the impact of the election violation case in which the new coronavirus, former Minister of Justice Katsuyuki Kawai, and his wife, House of Representatives Satoshi, were arrested. There are also opinions.

On the other hand, the opposition parties such as the Constitutional Democratic Party are urgently preparing to prepare for an early dissolution, and there is a growing interest in the time of dissolution.