(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Experts say the United States may increase 100,000 cases per day

  China News Agency, Beijing, July 1st, comprehensive news: According to the latest statistics of the World Health Organization, as of 16:00 on June 30, Beijing time, a total of 10,185,374 cases of new coronary pneumonia were diagnosed globally, and a total of 503,862 deaths. According to real-time statistics released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of July 1, Beijing time, at 10:33, the world's cumulative confirmed cases reached 10450628 cases; the cumulative death cases reached 510632 cases.

Americas: Fuch says that the United States may increase 100,000 cases daily and Brazil has cumulatively diagnosed more than 1.4 million cases

  The epidemic data released by Johns Hopkins University show that as of 10:33 on July 1, Beijing time, the United States has accumulatively diagnosed 2634432 cases and accumulated 127410 deaths.

  Anthony Fudge, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said at a US hearing on June 30, "There are now more than 40,000 (confirmed) cases. According to this trend, I would not be surprised After that, it may reach an increase of 100,000 cases per day." Foch worried that the US epidemic is currently "moving in the wrong direction."

  According to data released by the Brazilian Ministry of Health at 19:00 local time on June 30, 33,846 new cases were diagnosed in Brazil in the past 24 hours, with a total of 140,204 cases diagnosed; 1,280 new deaths were reported, with a total of 59,594 deaths. Statistics show that the states of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are still the most severely affected areas in Brazil.

  Peru and Chile are currently the second and third countries with the highest number of confirmed cases in Latin America. According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, Peru currently has more than 285,000 confirmed cases, while Chile has 279,000 confirmed cases.

 Europe: Russia discovers virus mutations, Britain plans to invest heavily to restore economy

  According to the Russian Epidemic Prevention Headquarters on June 30, in the past 24 hours, 6693 new cases were diagnosed in Russia, with a total of 647,849 diagnosed cases; 154 new cases were killed, and a total of 9320 deaths. Russia is still the third country with the most confirmed cases in the world. The Russian Federal Consumer Rights Protection and Public Welfare Supervision Bureau said on June 30 that Russian experts discovered that the new coronavirus spread in Russia had mutations, but these mutations did not cause major changes in the traits of the new coronavirus.

  British Prime Minister Johnson announced on June 30 that the government plans to invest 5 billion pounds to accelerate the construction of infrastructure to restore employment and the economy affected by the new crown epidemic. Due to the impact of the New Crown epidemic and the difficult progress of the UK-Europe trade talks, the British economy is facing serious challenges this year. In April, UK GDP fell 20.4% month-on-month, the largest decline since the monthly record in 1997.

  The new crown epidemic data released by the Italian Ministry of Health on June 30 showed that the country had 142 newly diagnosed cases on the same day, with a cumulative diagnosis of 240,578 cases; 23 new death cases, with a cumulative death of 34,767 cases. The number of patients with new crowns in the country dropped to 15,563, a decrease of 933 compared with the previous day. So far, Italy has conducted 5.39 million nucleic acid tests.

  European aircraft manufacturer Airbus Group issued a news communique on June 30, saying that in response to the continuing impact of the new crown epidemic, the company plans to cut about 15,000 jobs globally. Airbus Group CEO Guillaume Fore said the company is facing the worst crisis in the industry's history.

 Asia and Oceania: Japan has added over 100 Australians for three consecutive days to restart the "Home Order"

  According to statistics from the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) on June 30, 138 new cases were confirmed in Japan that day, a new high after the national emergency was lifted on May 25. Japan has added more than 100 confirmed cases for three consecutive days.

  According to the data released by the Ministry of Health of India on June 30, as of the morning of the same day, the number of confirmed cases in India has risen to 566,840. In the past 24 hours, India has added 18,522 confirmed cases, 418 new deaths, and a total of 16,893 deaths. example. According to the anti-epidemic guidelines issued by the Federal Government of India, India’s domestic railway and aviation systems will be restarted from July 1, but facilities such as schools, subways, movie theaters, and gymnasiums will continue to be closed.

  The new crown epidemic data released by the health department of Bangladesh on June 30 showed that there were 3682 newly diagnosed cases and a total of 145483 confirmed cases in the country; 64 new death cases were added, a new high since the outbreak and a total of 1847 deaths.

  The data released by the Australian Federal Government on June 30 showed that there were 7834 confirmed new cases and 104 deaths in the country. There were 71 newly confirmed cases in the country within 24 hours, of which 64 were from Victoria. Victoria Governor Daniel Andrews issued a statement that day, starting at 23:59 on July 1, restrictive measures such as the "Home Order" will be implemented again in 10 hot spots in the state.

 Africa: Africa diagnoses over 380,000 African Nations Cup football game postponed

  The latest data released by the African Center for Disease Control shows that 54 countries in the African Union have reported a total of 383,747 confirmed cases and 9691 deaths.

  South Africa added 6,945 confirmed cases on June 30, with a total of over 150,000 confirmed cases. A total of 1630008 people have been tested for viruses throughout South Africa.

  The African Football Federation issued a statement on June 30 stating that due to the epidemic, the African National Cup football match originally scheduled for January 2021 will be postponed to 2022. (Finish)