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There was nothing to suspect the bombing that Semana magazine published today , announcing that the bullfighter Enrique Ponce (48) and Paloma Cuevas (47) have begun the procedures for their divorce , as they were considered one of the most solid marriages in the national celebrity. According to sources in their environment, there are no third parties and the reason for this surprising decision is solely due to the wear and tear of coexistence since things were not going well between them for a couple of years, although they were held together by their daughters, Paloma , 12 years old and Bianca, 8. These same sources indicate that the divorce has been raised between them in a friendly wayand thinking above all about the well-being of her daughters.

Their love story arose, how could it be otherwise, sheltered from a bullring, since Paloma's father, Victoriano Valencia, was a bullfighter and later a renowned bullfighting businessman, who has taken over figures such as the late Julio Robles , Ortega Cano or El Juli, and also his son-in-law, Enrique Ponce.

The couple, at the wedding of Don Felipe and Doña Letizia.GTRES

The first time that Paloma Cuevas was aware of the existence of her future husband was in the Plaza de Algeciras, this being still a bullfighter , a bad day when she was not successful with the hair, and Paloma, who studied business in Boston, asked her father to help him. Although he was really introduced to them by Ponce's former attorney, Manuel Morillas, in 1992, at the La Perdiz hotel, in the Jaén town of La Carolina, one day that Victoriano took his family to a bullfighting festival where Enrique participated.

The bullfighter was shocked by the beauty of Paloma, with whom he began his courtship those Christmases that the Valencia family decided to spend in Colombia and coincided with Enrique, who was fighting at the Cali Fair. The couple married in October 1996 in the cathedral of Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados in Valencia, land of the bullfighter, who was born in Chiva.

Ponce, whose father is a cook by profession, carried the bulls in his DNA, since his great-uncle was the famous Valencian matador Rafaelillo and with only 10 years old he entered the bullfighting school in Valencia, in whose plaza he took the alternative in 1990. Considered A teacher, his great merit is having spent more than a decade dealing with a hundred bullfights a year and staying at the top of the ladder.

The former marriage, at the funeral of Victoriano Cuevas, Paloma's father.

At the 2019 Fallas fair, Enrique was caught suffering a very serious injury to his left knee when trying to get away from the bull, which traumatologists defined as "catastrophic knee". Miraculously it recovered, although this 2020 season it has not been able to debut as the bullfight fairs have been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to bulls, he is good at singing; in fact, he debuted on stage a decade ago singing a ranchera in a performance by the group Materia Prima, his intimates, and it has even transpired that he is going to record an album with Julio Iglesias.

Until now, luck always seemed to accompany this couple, who after years of trying to be parents, finally welcomed in 2008 their first-born, Paloma, and in 2012 Bianca, something that filled the happiness of this marriage, in which Paloma Cuevas, always present among the most elegant lists in the country, has been the great support of the bullfighter during these 24 years , and also the architect of his social rise.

Among the personal friends of the marriage are from King Juan Carlos himself to Luis Alfonso de Borbón, Mario Vargas Llosa or the Mexican singer Luis Miguel, to whom the news of their divorce has produced great sadness, as well as to the families of both .

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