"Ségur de la santé": staff maintain pressure on the government

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"White coats and black anger": health personnel demonstrated again this June 30, here in Paris, a few days before the end of the concertation of the government's "Health Ségur". REUTERS / Charles Platiau

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After the success of their mobilization on June 16 and a few days before the end of the "Ségur de la santé", hospital staff demonstrated in dozens of cities on Tuesday, June 30, to obtain more than the $ 6.3 billion euros already put on the table by the government.


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They were less numerous this Tuesday than last June 16 when between 100,000 and 180,000 people had beaten the pavement - there were also fewer rallies planned -, but no less determined ...  

Last gatherings in several cities in France, before the end of the "Ségur de la santé" consultation: here on June 30 in Nice. REUTERS / Eric Gaillard

For this union nurse, 6.3 billion euros (the envelope announced by the government) to be shared between the public and the private is not enough when the caregivers demand a general salary increase of 300 euros more per month. “  It takes 6.8 billion, just for the public to arrive at 300 euros more per agent because the state as an employer also pays charges that must be added! When the state puts a billion on the table, it is not a billion that goes into the pockets of staff!  ", He explains to Laurence Théault , of the France service of RFI. Just for the general increase of 300 euros net per month claimed by all unions, it would cost nearly 7 billion, according to the secretary general of FO-Health, Didier Birig.

Mask in the shape of a coffee filter that covers the nose and mouth, Nassima Hamoroux, is an administrative officer in a hospital in Essonne. These billions announced exceed it a little. What she sees is what falls at the end of the month: "  I've been working in the hospital for 34 years, I'm at 1,300 euros ...", she tells us.

Working conditions, lack of staff are part of the demands. No funnel on the nose but a surgical mask fixed like a hat on the head, Louis Rios is a psychiatric nurse. He deplores the closing of beds. In psychiatry what is needed: a desk, a bed, a chair, treatments ... we don't need a lot of technological means, despite that, we close the beds!"  "

End of consultation this Friday 

Launched at the end of May to give concrete form to the "  massive investment and upgrading plan"  promised by Emmanuel Macron, the "Ségur de la santé" was supposed to meet these demands. But the envelopes proposed by the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran  (300 million for hospital doctors, 6 billion for non-medical nursing staff), are very far from the hopes raised by this concerted action when the health staff of public establishments demonstrate for over a year to get an improvement in their working conditions. 

The concertation must end this Friday, with a final meeting under the aegis of the former CFDT director, Nicole Notat. The head of state could then announce his arbitrations himself next week, specifies Agence France Presse. Asked about a possible budget extension, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire assured on Tuesday that the government would be "there", without however advancing a figure. 

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Healthcare workers fought for the nation and they deserve recognition. The government will do the right thing. Since the start of the crisis, he has been there on economic and social issues. #BourdinDirect pic.twitter.com/b5jI9jGM8G

  Bruno Le Maire (@BrunoLeMaire) June 30, 2020

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