Juan Roig has decided to call the multipurpose pavilion that he will build in Valencia 'Casal España Arena' , provoking public criticism from several council members of the Joan Ribó government team. The disappearance of the name Valencia Arena, which appeared in the project, has been described as "contempt" for the city.

The businessman, who will pay the 220 million euros for the construction of his pocket after the transfer of municipal land for 50 years , based the name on three reasons. Casal refers to the "essence of activity in the neighborhoods of Valencia" and the pavilion will be "a meeting space where thousands of people will gather to enjoy events". Spain because "it will not only be for the city of Valencia, but also for the Community and the rest of the country, whose name is included so that it has international significance" and Arena because it is an international concept that includes venues, pavilions and stadiums cutlery.

The name has garnered all kinds of criticism, including some from supporters of the Valencia Basket , which will move to the new pavilion in 2023, but above all from the municipal government team.

The mayor expressed himself making a request: "We would like the name of the city to be linked to the venue so as not to miss the opportunity to promote it with its international events. We are a unique city in the world and we have to feel proud."

More forceful was the Councilor for Heritage, Isabel Lozano (Compromís), who has led negotiations with Licampa 1617, the heritage company of Roig, for the transfer over the next 50 years of those of 21,000 meters of public land where the installation will be built. . "VALENCIA ARENA. This is the name of the project from the beginning and it spends the end of the concession procedure. Mr. Roig, Valencia will not understand that it makes our city invisible and thus undermines it ."

Other councilors like Carlos Galiana , Giuseppe Grezzi and Pere Fuset spoke in the same line , who accused of breaking "the consensus and the image of unity" requested by the company from all municipal groups because the pavilion was an opportunity for Valencia "and also for your projection. "

The Government partners of Compromís did not enter the controversy, but they intend to provoke Licampa's reflection. The socialist spokeswoman, Sandra Gómez , is in favor of reaching an agreement with the company "positively." "You should not miss the opportunity. Valencia can go around the world," he said.

The 'Casal España Arena' is a facility that Juan Roig has been pursuing for a long time, to give Valencia Basket more projection and all kinds of sporting and cultural events for which the city does not have a venue with adequate capacity. It will be built in the Cuatre Carreres neighborhood, next to L'Alqueria del Basket, at a cost of 220 million euros , of which 26 will be invested this year. According to IVIE, its economic impact on the city's GDP will be of 10 million euros and will generate 300 jobs.

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