In the midst of real estate overheating, bitter voices from high-ranking officials in the Blue House with two or more houses are popping out of their passports.

Even though President Moon Jae-in showed strong willingness to stabilize the house price at a New Year's press conference, he pointed out that the staff who owned the multi-family house did not sell the house, but was consistent with a passive attitude.

● Prime Minister Chung "I have to take the initiative,"

Kim Hyun-mi, "I'm sorry," Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Kim Hyun-mi appeared on a radio program on the 26th and said, "I wish it would have been nice to sell the house (the Blue House multi-house staff)."

It is a pinch that high-ranking officials are not setting an example by maintaining the status of multi-homeowners when the government is pouring out high-strength measures to stabilize real estate.

Here, Professor Roh Choo-suk, an international graduate school of Ewha Womans University, who served as a public relations chief of the Blue House at the Roh Moo-hyun administration, drew oil on the angry public sentiment by directing the behavior of multi-house staff through a Facebook post.

Professor Cho said, "I was surprised at the strong heart that would not sell even if I sell (the house)." Because of the high degree of support from the president, I think the movement's powers have become a political party like the Conservative Party.

On the 30th, Prime Minister Jeong Se-gyun attended the general meeting of the National Assembly's Budget and Settlement Special Committee and said, "It is good for public officials to take the lead in response to an independent report by Yong-ho Lee, who said, "Last year, President Roh Young-min asked the president of the secretary general to sell homes to many residents in the metropolitan area, but few responded." "I gave a first hand.

● 12 homeless people with secretary level or higher… In

particular , including Roh Young-min and Kim Jo-won, in December last year, the secretary-general became stronger as the secretary-general of the office of Roh Young-min told the staff with more than two homes in the Seoul metropolitan area,'Deal with only one left in six months.'

Currently, of the secretary-level and above staff, 12 are multi-homed.

In addition to the secretary-general, Roh Young-min, the head of the recommendation, Kim Jo-won, Min Jeong-soo, Kim Geo-sung, civil society chief, Kim Oe-suk, HR manager, and Deok-soon Hwang, etc.

Yeo Hyun-ho, National Public Relations Secretary, Park Jin-gyu, New Southern Secretary, and Sung-jae Cho, Employment and Labor Secretary, and Sung-won Yoon, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport are also homeowners.

In the case of Lee Ho-seung, economic chief or spokesman Kang Min-seok, it is classified as '1.5 houses'.

In addition to his home, Lee has an apartment where his mother-in-law lives in the name of a spouse, and Spokesman Kang also owns a spouse and wife in a common name, and the wife is in residence.

In addition, Yeo Hyun-ho, the Secretary of State Public Affairs and Public Affairs, said that it is difficult to sell right now because the other is in the form of a concession sale, which is restricted to resale.

Except for some of these comprehensible cases, the Blue House has yet to give a clear explanation as to why high-end multi-homeowners are not selling their homes.

After Mr. Roh's recommendation, the only staff members who sold the house and became homeowners were only 4 people, including Kim Yeon-myeong, social director, Han Jeong-woo, public relations and planning secretary, Kim Gwang-jin, secretary of affairs, and Noh Gyu-deok, security strategy secretary.