It was on the night of December 8 that a woman aged 30 was attacked from behind in the Lindholmsallén. The perpetrator held her and repeatedly hit her with a knife. In total, there are about twenty stabbing and cutting injuries, one of which was directly life-threatening.

"There is nothing in the investigation to indicate that the two knew each other," said chamber prosecutor Kristin Stjernrup who charged the man.


Nearby was found a knife case, where the police could secure the DNA. But the search yielded nothing. The person was not in the police's register, and the investigation appeared to have come to an end.

But in February this year, a 19-year-old was shot in Skaraborg in connection with a criminal investigation there. And this time it was a hit. As a result, the investigators were able to map the man's movements at the time of the crime and attach further evidence to him.

More proof

The 19-year-old refuses the assault, but admits he was in Gothenburg at the time.

- His card was used two days before the assault to trade clothes that match the perpetrator's clothes. And his phone was connected at the crime scene at the time of the crime, says Kristin Stjernerup.

The 19-year-old had also had telephone contact with a friend who bought two mora knives of the type used in the assault. The prosecutor says he touched the knives, which he believes can explain the DNA hit on the case. But the police have also secured additional digital evidence, such as chat conversations.