Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Poitiers, Besançon, and even Annecy were swept away by the green wave on Sunday, after the second round of municipal elections. What should we now expect in these cities, sometimes left in the hands of the same party for several decades? Europe 1 has scoured the programs of the newly elected ecologists.

They will now have to give substance to their promises. If the Greens have succeeded in the feat, during the second round of the municipal elections, of bringing several large cities such as Lyon, Strasbourg or Poitiers - and sometimes right-wing bastions for several generations, such as Bordeaux - into their pockets, they have to presents another challenge to be met: implementing their programs. Almost all promise a greening of the urban environment, but also energy savings, and sometimes a strengthening of the municipal police force. Europe 1 has looked at their programs.

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A new forest of 6,000 trees could soon grow in the heart of Lyon, on the Fourvière hill. In the city of the Gauls, customary of the peaks of pollution, the new mayor Grégory Doucet also promises a city "100% walkable, 100% bicycle" where the children will play in debitised recreation courses. 

And in Bordeaux, the elected mayor Pierre Hurmic warned: the party is over for property developers. "This excessive concreteization of the city is over! From now on, we will no longer build on our last natural spaces", he explains to Europe 1. "We will have to build the city over the city, it is that is, what is already artificial. "

420 additional police officers in Marseille

In Strasbourg, Jeanne Barseghian's program promises "a place of nature" less than 300 meters from each dwelling, the extension of the tram network and drastic energy savings, with a 510% reduction in electricity and of heating used for municipal services.

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Elected environmentalists also emphasize safety. In Marseille, for example, the left coalition which threatens to overthrow the right after the next municipal council plans to hire 70 municipal police officers a year, or 420 recruits over the term of office. There is no longer any question of parking any way and driving dangerously in the Marseille city. Finally, a "mayor of the night" must be appointed to regulate the nightlife between young people, tourists and Marseillais who aspire to sleep.