India Chinese company's ban on use of smartphone app Revenge of military collision June 30 18:27

The Indian government announced that it will ban domestic use of 59 smartphone apps provided by Chinese companies. This month, it seems to be a retaliation against the deaths on the Indian side of the conflict between the two military forces in the disputed zone, and there is concern that the conflict will deepen.

The government of India will use 59 apps for smartphones on the 29th, saying that India's sovereignty and privacy have been violated by user data being stolen or leaked to servers outside the country. Announced that it will be banned.

All banned apps are provided by Chinese companies, including video app TikTok, which is said to have 200 million users in India, and Chinese versions of Twitter and Weibo.

On the 15th of this month between India and China, the two armies of the two countries collided in a disputed zone in the border area, killing 20 people on the Indian side, and the two countries showed a stance to resolve through dialogue, but they are responsible for the conflict. I blame the other person for it.

In India, since this collision, there has been a growing backlash against China, such as the movement to buy Chinese products, and the government's response this time seems to be a de facto retaliation measure.There is concern that the conflict between the two will deepen in the future. I will.