As the observer for the Public Chamber of Moscow at PEC No. 2022, Daria Ivanova, said every morning she checks “absolutely everything before opening,” including the register of home-based voting, lists of voting participants, as well as data on the ballots issued.

In the video of the observer at polling stations No. 857 and No. 866, Sofia Nesterova, the PEC chairman, in her presence, opens a sealed safe, shows ballot boxes and introduces the commission to the documents and information about the voters.

Observer Roman Shakirov, for his part, noted that voting at polling station 1844 every day begins with a thorough check of the completeness of documents and conversations with PEC members. In the video, the chairman of the commission recounts the applications for home voting and verifies them aloud with the voter register.

Earlier, the media reported that independent voting members of Moscow were allegedly not provided with voting materials, but it was not confirmed.

The plots opened in Moscow on June 25. The results of the all-Russian vote will be summed up on July 1.

Muscovites can choose a method of participation: vote on a site convenient for them, accept a commission at home or cast their votes online - from any device with Internet access.