The former Minister of Health met Tuesday at the end of the afternoon with the deputies of the parliamentary commission of inquiry, set up by the National Assembly on the management of the health crisis. In particular, she will have to answer questions on the management of the stock of masks that France had.

Agnes Buzyn will barely have had time to recover from her Parisian rout at the municipal level, when she finds herself again on the grill. The former Minister of Health met Tuesday with members of the National Assembly's committee of inquiry into the management of the health crisis triggered by the Covid-19. This hearing, which should start at 5 pm, is expected "with haste" in the words of Agnès Buzyn.

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In front of the deputies, the ex-Minister of Health, long presented as one of the good students of the government, will have to justify himself. Because the weapons of his opponents are already sharpened. "She was responsible for preparing the country for the crisis," said a member of the opposition. Another tackle: "She said that we had masks, that we were ready, obviously that was not the case".

"Nothing will be spared him"

In the majority, we know that Agnes Buzyn will have to explain her remarks made in the newspaper Le Monde . She called it a "masquerade" the holding of the first round in the midst of an epidemic. Words she says she regrets today.


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In the entourage of the former candidate for mayor of Paris, it is conceded that the calendar is complicated. It is "an accumulation of tests where nothing will be spared him", laments an adviser. Before adding: "It will be an opportunity for her to show her courage and tenacity". But another member of his team has the bitterest defeat: "We entered a coma phase. Before being definitively disconnected".