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is suspected that the corona19 collective infection occurred at the construction site of the new Bismaya city in Iraq, where Hanwha E&C is participating. Following the confirmation of the returning employees last week, it was reported yesterday that a Korean employee from a supplier died of a lung-related disease.

Reporter Kwak Sang is on the sidewalk.


Hanwha Group said that A, a 60-year-old employee of Hanwha Construction's partner who worked at a construction site in a new city in Bismaya, Iraq, died of lung disease.

On the 20th, he was admitted to a local hospital for a lung-related disease, but died on the 28th.

Local hospitals are investigating whether Corona19 is infected, Hanwha Construction said.

Earlier, it was confirmed that employees of Hanwha E&C's contractors who returned to work last week at the construction site in Bismaya, Iraq, were also confirmed corona19.

Hanwha E&C says it is unclear whether it was caught after returning to Korea, from Iraq, or from an airport or airplane.

It is suspected that there has been a collective infection in Corona 19 at the construction site of the new Bismaya city in Iraq, where about 150 employees of Hanwha Construction are working.

Hanwha E&C says the construction site workers remaining in Iraq are being self contained in one room per person.