China News Service, June 29, according to Reuters, sources said that pilots and testers from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Boeing will begin the Boeing 737MAX for three days from 29th local time Flight certification test.

Data Map: Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX series aircraft parked at the Victorville Airport known as the "aircraft cemetery".

  According to reports, on the 28th local time, the American Aviation Administration confirmed to Congress that a committee of the agency completed the review of the Boeing 737MAX safety system assessment, "clearing the way for the start of flight certification testing. The pilots of the American Aviation Administration will be the earliest The flight will start tomorrow to evaluate Boeing’s proposed changes to the 737MAX automatic flight control system."

  A person familiar with the situation said the crew went to an airport near Seattle to listen to briefings for a few hours before flying and then boarded a 737MAX aircraft equipped with test equipment.

  An email from the American Aviation Administration said the test will last for a few days. “It will include a series of flight exercises and emergency procedures to allow the agency to assess whether these changes meet FAA certification standards.” The e-mail also said, “FAA has not decided yet Whether to let the plane go around", there are many other steps before returning the plane to service.

  People familiar with the matter said that if all goes well, the American Aviation Administration will need to approve new pilot training procedures and other reviews, and may not approve the go-around of the aircraft until September. This means that Boeing 737MAX is expected to resume service in the United States by the end of the year.

  However, European and Canadian regulators will also conduct their own assessments while working closely with the American Airlines.

  According to reports, Boeing declined to comment.

  Prior to this, Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines' 737MAX passenger planes have successively crashed, killing a total of 346 people, and the reasons are related to the "maneuvering characteristic enhancement system" to prevent stalls. The passenger plane was subsequently grounded globally, and production ceased in January 2020, and production resumed in May. Affected by the grounding of the passenger plane, Boeing has since faced a severe corporate crisis.

  On the other hand, the new crown epidemic drastically reduced the demand for air travel and aircraft, making Boeing's crisis even more severe.