• Politics. The 'Dina case' uncovers six years of internal 'sewers' in Podemos
  • Government.Pedro Sánchez feels a turn to the center
  • 12-J.Pedro Sánchez now appeals to "unity" after accusing Pablo Casado of using Covid-19 to shoot him down

The PP president, Pablo Casado, does not want national politics to interfere in the Galician election campaign on July 12. Even more so when the surveys that Genoa manages predict for the PP an average of 40 seats, three above the threshold of the absolute majority. That is why the head of the opposition wants to speak only of Galicia. "Galicia, Galicia, Galicia", as the motto of Alberto Núñez Feijóo says.

This was stated on Monday by Married on a visit to a dairy farm in Cospeitio (Lugo). "It offended me that Sánchez was in Galicia and did not talk about anything about Galicia: neither Alcoa, nor Citröen, Ence ... nothing." "What's it for?" He asked himself. "To insult Feijóo or me? What worries Sánchez is that he is so edgy."

"I come to Galicia to talk about Galicia and the problems of the Galicians", stressed the leader of the national PP, who wanted to assume a secondary role in 'Feijóo territory': "I am here to support Alberto Núñez Feijóo and to recognize, value and thank the management that has made in the Xunta ".

The two issues in which Casado has wanted to influence have been the situation of the primary sector - warning against a decrease in the European funds of the CAP - and the drift of the electro-intensive industry in Galicia. In his opinion, the future of the American aluminum multinational Alcoa is a direct consequence of the inaction of the PSOE and United Podemos.

"That they do not hide in the burladeros of what the Xunta has to do", because that of Alcoa "is a problem of the State" that is solved by the Council of Ministers. And the opposition cannot approve "royal decrees", he explained.

Sánchez, responsible for the scandals of Iglesias

Who did want to enter the national dialectical fray has been the Deputy Secretary of Communication of the Popular Party, Pablo Montesinos, for whom it is up to the Chief Executive to give "explanations" of the Pablo Iglesias scandal and his adviser Dina Bousselham, who declared to the judge that All the "strange" edges of the case should be asked to the 'purple' leader and not to her, as EL MUNDO revealed.

"Pedro Sánchez was the one who decided to place a radical, a sectarian person such as Pablo Iglesias, in the Vice Presidency of the Government. There is only one Council of Ministers and there is only one person in charge of that Government, and his name is Pedro Sánchez," he assured. Montesinos in Telecinco.

"Everyone knows how little Sánchez likes to talk to the opposition leader. He has practically been calling Pablo Casado for two months, which is a political abnormality," said Montesinos, for whom the Prime Minister "confuses tension with responsibility "when he accuses the PP of twitching (the same thing that Married Sánchez has thrown at him this Monday).

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