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  • Handbike accident, Alex Zanardi hospitalized in very serious conditions


June 28, 2020 His clinical conditions remain stationary but the neurological picture is still serious. Alex Zanardi, hospitalized in intensive care at the Siena hospital after the accident on 19 June, remains sedated, intubated and in a pharmacological coma.

The prognosis, after nine days and a neurosurgical intervention that lasted over three hours, remains confidential but the upcoming week could be the key week, when doctors could decide to decrease the dosage of the drugs and awaken him from a coma.

A choice on which the multidisciplinary team that follows the Bolognese champion has been working for days through the monitoring of its parameters.

Zanardi is constantly followed by a team of anesthesiologists, resuscitators and neurosurgeons. About twenty professionals who took turns during the week and who, however, maintain caution as to when it can happen when the patient wakes up.

Only once the decision has been made in agreement with the family, can the instrumental tests be performed to assess the neurological conditions and the presence of any damage.