"Employing murderers" says Stirring US-Russia relations, Russia sternly refutes: fake news from American mentally retarded media

  [Global Times Special Correspondent in the United States Xuedan Global Times Special Correspondent Liu Yupeng] "Russian spy organizations paid bounty to militants related to the Taliban in Afghanistan to encourage the latter to kill U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan and other coalition members." The New York Times After citing anonymous officials on the 26th to make the above-mentioned breaking news, one stone stirred up thousands of waves. Russia, the Taliban in Afghanistan, the White House in the United States, and even US President Trump have come forward to deny or clarify relations. This news happened precisely when Trump pushed the Pentagon to withdraw a large number of US troops from Afghanistan and the United States reached a peace agreement with the Taliban. Some domestic political forces in the United States quickly took the incident into account, which may add new variables to US-Russian relations.

"Another fake news from the American mentally retarded media"

  "The New York Times" said that although US intelligence personnel have not yet grasped the purpose and method of Russian bounty payments to Taliban militants, according to the US intelligence agency evaluation report, a special operations team affiliated to the Russian intelligence agency KGB is operating in Afghanistan and is serving Taliban elements. Provide support, including encouraging the latter to kill American troops stationed in Afghanistan and other coalition members by paying bounty. The report said that the KGB department has been in operation for more than a decade, and aims to disrupt the stability of Western countries through subversion, destruction and assassination activities. The team was also involved in the assassination of former Russian intelligence agent Sergei Scripal in the UK in 2018. The report said that the relevant assessment report of the US intelligence agency had been sent to the White House as early as March this year, but until recently only a few officials knew.

  "Another fake news from the US mentally retarded media." The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied this statement on the 27th and said that US intelligence agencies were "dissatisfied" with the progress of diplomacy between Moscow and the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, "What else can we expect from the US intelligence agencies that suffered a terrible defeat in the Afghan war? They are involved in drug trafficking in Afghanistan, paying transportation convoy tolls to militants, and even various military payments from American taxpayers. Rebates are given in the project contract. They do not want to lose the above illegal income source, and this feeling is understandable." The Russian Embassy in the United States tweeted that the US media should stop making false news that would cause life threats, and asked the US authorities Diplomats responded appropriately to threats from fake news.

  The Taliban also issued a statement on the 27th, stating that the organization has never received funds from any intelligence agencies or foreign organizations. The dissemination of such false news by the Western media is aimed at creating obstacles for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, weakening and misleading American peace supporters. The Taliban Will not be used as a gun by others. Taliban spokesman Zabihula Mujahid said, "This transaction with Russian intelligence agencies is unfounded. Our targeted killing and assassination operations were carried out a few years ago, and we carried out using our own resources. ."

 "No one is tougher on Russia than the Trump administration"

  It may be expected that this report will be hyped by public opinion to guide the US presidential election. The White House did not respond to the report on the day it was issued, and the next day the White House press secretary McNani issued a statement saying that neither the president nor the vice president Having attended briefings on the relevant situation, the "New York Times" report is seriously misrepresented. This ambiguous statement triggered strong questions from many members of the Senate and House of Representatives, who asked Trump to respond. Biden, Trump’s opponent and Democratic presidential candidate, said that the content of the New York Times report is extremely shocking. If the report is true, Trump is betraying the American soldiers who serve the country. Even more frightening is that instead of taking sanctions against Russia, Trump also proposed that Russia participate in the G7 summit. Biden said, "Trump is pleasing Putin throughout his term."

  These questions angered Trump. On the morning of the 28th, he tweeted two times in a row, denying that he had received reports from the intelligence services, and said that "no one is more tough on Russia than the Trump administration."

 US-Russia relations will remain frozen for a long time

  Although no conclusive evidence has yet been published to prove that Russian intelligence agencies have instructed Taliban personnel to attack the US military, this incident has once again put the US-Russia relationship that is expected to pick up again under test.

  In February this year, the United States and the Taliban in Afghanistan signed a peace agreement. According to the peace agreement, a total of 39,000 soldiers from all US forces and NATO coalition forces will leave Afghanistan within 14 months of signing the agreement. This was an important diplomatic move during Trump's tenure, but because of differences in the division of interests between the Afghan government and the Taliban, the peace agreement has not yet been implemented. In addition, the differences between the United States and Russia in arms control and the investigation on the "through Russia" have kept the relationship between the two countries below the freezing point in recent years. If the United States can produce evidence that Russia "employs murderers", then the United States A new round of sanctions against Russia and even the diplomatic crisis between the two countries are likely to reappear. Igor Korotchenko, the editor-in-chief of the Russian "Defense" magazine, said that the purpose of the US move is to divert people's attention from the continuous large-scale riots and robbery in the country.

  However, the Carnegie International Peace Foundation analyzed in a report that US-Russia relations will remain frozen for a long time to come. The two sides have confrontation and competition in many fields, but even the US-Soviet cold war that year When it finally thawed, the leaders of the two countries should now be ready to deal with the day when the ice was released. In May this year, Trump sent an invitation to Putin, hoping that he could participate in the G7 summit held in the United States this year. The Russian side also expressed interest in this and is studying the feasibility of attending the meeting. For the US and Russia, which have interrupted high-level personnel meetings and dialogues, such interaction is bound to help alleviate bilateral relations that have been frozen for many years.

  Author: Dan Liu Yupeng snow