UK must 'face the consequences' of Brexit, says Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel after a press conference on her videoconference meeting with members of the European Council on June 19, 2020 in Berlin. Kay Nietfeld / POOL / AFP

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As Germany takes over the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union on July 1 for six months, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says this Saturday that London will have to "bear the brunt" of a weaker economic relationship with the EU. at the end of the Brexit process, while negotiations for an agreement on future relations are skating.


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The German chancellor hardens the tone about Brexit . The British government led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson says it wants to define its posture to adopt after the country's withdrawal from the European Union (EU). But "  he will then, of course, have to bear the consequences - namely an economy that is less closely linked,  " warns the German chancellor in an interview with daily newspapers in the Europa network, including Le Monde .

Officially exited the EU on January 31, the United Kingdom is now negotiating with Brussels to try to establish an advantageous commercial relationship with the European bloc at the end of the transition period. This ends at the end of the year. Germany will take over the rotating presidency of the European Council on July 1 for six months.

We have to get rid of the idea that it is we who define what the United Kingdom should want,  " asserts the Chancellor. Angela Merkel has always worked hard in the past to avoid a hard Brexit .

The UK is defining and we, as the EU of 27, are providing the appropriate response,  " she says now. If the United Kingdom does not want regulations comparable to that of Europe in terms of the environment, the labor market or social standards, our relations will lose intensity,  " she adds.

Difficult negotiations on the post-Covid-19 stimulus fund

The EU is faced with tough negotiations. This in particular on the recovery fund of 750 billion euros intended to provide a response to the European countries most affected by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

This fundcannot solve all of Europe's problems  ". But it is necessary, according to Merkel, "to  act quickly in the face of the pandemic  " given the state of the European economy with unemployment rates which can become very high in certain countries.

This could "  have an explosive political impact" and therefore worsen the " threats to democracy  ", she warns. For Europe to survive, its economy must also survive,  " says the Chancellor.

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