China News Service, June 27, according to foreign media reports, on the 26th local time, the French side said that at the request of Iran, France will decipher the black box of the UAE Boeing passenger plane that crashed near Tehran at the beginning of the year.

  The French Civil Aviation Accident Investigation and Analysis Agency (BEA) wrote on social media, "In regard to the crash of the passenger plane on January 8, 2020, Iran requested our bureau to give technical assistance to assist in the interpretation of flight data recorders (FDR) and cockpit audio records. Instrument (CVR). Decoding should begin on July 20."

On January 8, local time, the planned flight PS752 of Ukraine to Kiev crashed shortly after taking off from Khomeini International Airport in Tehran, Iran, and all the passengers were killed. At the scene of the accident, you can see that the aircraft has all been fragmented.

  On January 8, 2020, a Boeing 737-800 passenger plane of Ukrainian International Airlines took off from Khomeini International Airport in Tehran, Iran, to Kiev, Ukrainian capital, but crashed shortly after takeoff, with 167 passengers and 9 crew members on board. No one survived. The victims include citizens of Iran, Canada and Ukraine.

  The Iranian military subsequently stated that the passenger plane was shot down by the Iranian military "unintentionally" and the accident was caused by "human error".

  On February 4, the Iranian Civil Aviation Authority stated that it would continue to cooperate with other countries to investigate the crash of the passenger plane and called on all parties to avoid politicizing this issue. According to news on March 12, Ukrainian Ambassador to Canada Shevchenko said that the Iranian authorities agreed to hand over the black box of the wrecked passenger plane to Ukraine.

  The report on June 1 pointed out that due to Ukraine’s delay in responding to Iran’s proposal for a black box, the Iranian government decided to send the black box to other countries. The black box may be sent to France for decipherment.