• Argentina. Dozens of protests against the Government of Alberto Fernández
  • Latin America: Cristina Kirchner's shadow and silences begin to wear down Alberto Fernández

Argentine President Alberto Fernández feels lonely among his Latin American counterparts and misses Hugo Chávez, Lula da Silva and Evo Morales , among other former neighboring presidents. In command of the region's third economy, Fernández is also convinced that "the world improves a lot" when humans are locked up.

The reflections of the Argentine head of state were reason for discussions and reactions this Saturday after a teleconference that he held with Lula, the former Brazilian president, late on Friday. In the virtual meeting, Fernández also criticized the United States harshly.

"I don't want to lie to you, dear Lula: I don't have it with Néstor Kirchner , I don't have it with Pepe Mujica (former Uruguayan president), I don't have it with former Uruguayan president Tabaré Vázquez , I don't have it with (former Paraguayan president) Fernando Lugo , I do not have Evo (Morales, former president of Bolivia), I do not have Michelle Bachelet (former president of Chile), I do not have Ricardo Lagos (former president of Chile), I do not have (former president) Ecuadorian) Rafael Correa , I don't have him (the late Venezuelan President) Hugo Chávez . "

Fernández is a Peronist, but he seeks to position himself as a progressive lighthouse in a region dominated by center or center-right governments. "We have a great opportunity as a civilization to make a different world. We have a great opportunity. I always tell Argentines that I don't know if I can do it in the world, I don't even know if I can do it in Latin America," he said. Fernández regretted before remembering those former presidents of the region, all affiliated with the left or the center left.

"There are hardly two of us who want to change the world. One is in Mexico and his name is Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador and the other is me. An Argentine comedian said that whenever it rained, it stopped. This will also happen. Latin American peoples are going to get back on their feet, and as Bolívar and San Martín taught, again we are going to build the Patria Grande , and we will recover that dignity that we had when you presided over Brazil, when Néstor presided over Argentina, when Tabaré and Pepe they were in Uruguay, when Evo was in Brazil (sic). We are going to do it again, I am convinced, it is only a matter of tenacity ".

Tension between regions

In the six and a half months that he has been in government, Fernández maintained tense relations with his neighbors in the region. He did not attend any of the assumption ceremonies of Luis Lacalle Pou , the Uruguayan president of social-liberal court, despite the fact that Buenos Aires and Montevideo are half an hour away by plane, criticized the management of Chile in the coronavirus crisis, urged left-wing opposition to Sebastián Piñera to regain power and has not spoken with Jair Bolsonaro , president of his second trading partner and destination of much of the country's exports.

Fernández's statements come at an especially uncomfortable moment, because next week the four presidents of Mercosur, which make up Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, must meet virtually. Two months ago, Buenos Aires plunged the bloc into confusion by announcing that it was abandoning several free trade negotiations with developing countries, although it later backtracked. Mercosur sources admitted to EL MUNDO that Fernández's words may have an impact on the meeting.

Attack on the USA

In his line of reflections, with Lula as listener, Fernández added that the Covid-19 pandemic showed positive sides: "The pandemic also showed us that when instead of locking humans to animals, we lock ourselves humans, the world improves It improves the quality of the waters, improves the quality of the sky, improves the air we breathe , species that were hidden from us appear and appear on the face of the earth. "

And then he returned to how much he misses former presidents, especially Lula, who is the devil himself for Bolsonaro: "In Latin America it no longer depends only on my will, and I must admit, dear Lula, how we miss you be the president of Brazil (sic). Because another would be the link, another would be the possibility that we can work on the continent. "

"Do you know what is happening to me today? That the United States broke Unasur and created Prosur. And that not only did that (sic) reach them, they did everything possible to make Celac (Community of Latin America and the Caribbean) disappear and neither That was enough for him, now they went through the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the entire continent was running to support the United States for the first time in history to preside over the IDB, and we have remained two countries on the margin of that support: Mexico and U.S".

Donald Trump's decision that the United States occupy the IDB Presidency for the first time in history was especially painful for Fernández, because the American head of state nominated Mauricio Claver Carone . Cuban-American, Claver Carone was on December 10, 2019 one of Trump's representatives in Fernández's inauguration. The North American official abandoned the celebrations of assumption and did not greet the new Argentine president, upset by the presence of Jorge Rodríguez , Minister of Communications of Venezuela and banned from entering Argentina and other countries.

According to 'Infobae', US officials said they were "surprised" by Fernández's confessions and criticism.

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