Be alert to the rebound of the invisible mutation of the four winds-Perspective of the 295 typical cases of hedonic luxury reported by the National Discipline Inspection Commission website

  Xu Menglong, website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

  A few days ago, the National Discipline Inspection Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection publicly exposed six typical issues that violated the spirit of the eight central regulations. According to statistics, as of June 24, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the first half of this year has exposed 355 typical cases of the "Four Winds", including 295 cases of hedonism and extravagance. What are the characteristics of these 295 cases? What are the implications for the next step to correct the "Four Winds"?

Old problems make a difference

  Judging from the 295 typical cases reported, the hedonism and extravagance issues accounted for 68.9% after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. This shows that some cadres' privilege thoughts have not been eradicated, and they are still in violation of discipline under high pressure.

  It is worth noting that some party members and cadres still ate and punish illegal eating and drinking of public funds even during the epidemic prevention and control period. On February 27, the former deputy head of Xiangshui County, Jiangsu Province, the former party secretary and director of the county public security bureau Shen Aidong invited 17 people from the county public prosecution law system who had missed a meal due to the joint meeting to have dinner in the private dining room of the unit canteen, drinking alcohol during the meal, etc. During the playing of cards, 17 people were subsequently dealt with as a result, and Shen Aidong was removed from the post of deputy county head, party committee secretary and director of the county public security bureau, and was reduced to the rank of first-level chief.

  The reported case shows that the problem of illegal eating and drinking is stubborn and repetitive. Strictly investigating the hedonic style of luxury and rectifying the problem of illegal eating and drinking cannot be relaxed.

  In order to evade supervision, some old problems were changed and renovated. The Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Commission for Discipline Inspection emphasized the need to prevent and investigate and deal with invisible variations such as the receipt of electronic red envelopes and private car maintenance. Taking the violation of the provision and use of public buses as an example, after the 19th National Congress of the Party, the issue of violating the provision and use of public buses in the nationwide investigation and punishment of violations of the eight central regulations has dropped from 9087 in 2017 to 7666 in 2019. "Crossing the wind" has been vigorously contained, but the problems of invisible mutation and makeovers have become increasingly prominent. Judging from the notified cases, 21 of the 36 cases involving illegal provision and use of public vehicles were private car public maintenance. Some private cars are added with public oil, some private tickets are public newspapers, and some private cars are rented to the public. This shows that the "wheel crooked wind" under the new situation has occurred from time to time, and has invisible mutation. We must be highly vigilant in this regard and resolutely prevent the rebound from rebounding.

Focus on key targeted therapies

  In terms of the types of violations, according to the summary of the national investigation and punishment of the mental problems of the eight violations of the Central Regulations issued by the National Discipline Inspection Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, from January to April of this year, valuable special products and gifts and gifts, illegal subsidies or benefits, illegal eating and drinking These types of problems accounted for 27.7%, 25.2%, and 18.6% of the total number of investigation and handling of hedonism and extravagance, respectively.

  The notified case also confirms this. These three types of issues are still outstanding issues that focus on and rectify. All localities and departments should combine their own reality, adhere to problem orientation, strengthen research and judgment analysis, and start with specific people and specific issues. If there are any problems, solve them, focus on rectification, focus on corrective measures, and target treatment.

  In 2019, special rectification of party and government leading cadres and state-owned enterprise managers in the theme education of "not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission" will make use of valuable specialty products and special resources for private gains to achieve staged results. This year, this work is being further deepened. At the beginning of the year, the National Discipline Inspection Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection renamed the original statistical item "receiving gift gifts and gifts" in the statistical indicators of mental issues that violated the eight regulations of the central government as "receiving gifts and gifts and gifts", and refined it into "receiving gifts and gifts The two special statistical items "specialty gifts" and "receiving gifts and other gifts in violation of regulations" further promote the solution of the problem of using valuable specialties for private gain. In the reported cases, there is no lack of irregularities in the delivery of valuable specialties. For example, the Hangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision severely investigated and dealt with Wu Zhenyu, deputy director of the subordinate management office of the city's road transportation management service center, and other party members and cadres who illegally accepted the "cigarette ticket" problem.

Focus on key compaction responsibilities

  According to statistics from reporters, among the public officials who were dealt with, 57.1% of them belonged to the leaders of their units. The leader has an important influence on the political ecology of a region or unit. If the leader takes the lead in violating rules and discipline, it will inevitably destroy the entire team and pollute the political ecology of the unit in the region.

  Taking the illegal payment of allowances or benefits as an example, it seems that everyone participates and everyone benefits, but the decision is usually made by the main leader or in charge of the relevant unit. This requires close attention to the "key minority" and the compaction of the responsibilities of the subject .

  Judging from the practice of supervision and discipline, staring at "key minorities", especially the top leaders, severely punishing those responsible, and squeezing the burdens down, can often achieve more with less. In recent years, many localities have increased their accountability when investigating and handling such problems. They have taken serious accountability for poor implementation and frequent problems. They have urged leading cadres to perform their duties well and do their responsibilities, and strictly manage their "money bags." Eliminate unauthorized signatures and arbitrary payments

  Good style is caught and brought out. Judging from the surveys in various places, many "four winds" problems are shown below and rooted above. Disciplinary inspection and supervision organs should correct the "four winds" by first starting from the leading organs and leading cadres. They must urge and guide leading cadres at all levels to give full play to the "head-goose effect", take the lead in changing the style, changing the style, and setting up a new style; Party organizations and leading cadres at different levels earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of grasping style, and the first level drives the first level and the first level urges the first level.

  During the Dragon Boat Festival, hedonism and extravagance such as illegal eating and drinking, and receiving gifts and gifts in violation of regulations are prone to occur frequently. Discipline inspection and supervision agencies at all levels should refrain from perseverance and unwillingness, stick to important nodes, focus on weak links, and continue to consolidate and expand. Effectiveness of style construction.