• South Tyrol: Woman killed in Appiano. It's a femicide
  • Frosinone, near femicide: puts bomb in the car of the ex


June 25, 2020 A 56-year-old worker is suspected of killing his 49-year-old wife. The crime took place in their villa in Palazzo Pignano, in the province of Cremona.

Questioned by the public prosecutor Milda Milli, in the police station of Crema, he is in custody. The man was blocked this morning at 6.30 in Rivolta d'Adda, a few kilometers from Bergamo, while he was aboard his car, by a Carabinieri patrol engaged in research.

The man was immediately taken to the Command of Crema, where he was interrogated by the prosecutor of Cremona and subjected to a police arrest. An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow on the body of his wife, found lifeless in their home.

From the first rumors, it seems that the woman was seriously ill and would have died from the beatings. The couple's 12-year-old son was found at an uncle's house.