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by Tiziana Di Giovannandrea 25 June 2020 A 54-year-old worker died in an accident at work that took place within a metalworking company, DR Costruzioni, located in Maerne di Martellago, in the province of Venice, in Via Primo Maggio . 

The worker, Michele Favaro, was born in Noale and was resident in Scorzè, in the Venetian area, he lost his life shortly after the start of his shift, around 7.30 am, remaining crushed under a press.

From a first reconstruction of the fact the worker was at work inside the carpentry factory with some colleagues when the fatal accident happened. The modalities of the misfortune are being examined by the Carabinieri and the staff of Spisal (Service prevention hygiene safety at work, ed.) Of the ULSS who have launched the appropriate investigations to reconstruct the dynamics of the accident and identify any responsibilities.

The man was crushed by a press brake, which he was working on alone.

Colleagues immediately called 118, but there was nothing for the man to do. The injuries caused by the accident are too serious. The health workers of Suem have been able to observe its death.