• Libya opens to Italy's requests for migrant memoranda
  • Libya, an arm wrestling between Egypt and Turkey
  • Di Maio in Ankara: "We want a sustainable ceasefire in Libya"
  • Libya, Serraj: Haftar coup attempt officially failed


June 24, 2020 "President Serraj handed me the Libyan proposal to amend the memorandum of understanding on migration. At a first reading, we are going in the right direction, with Libya's willingness to apply human rights." This was stated by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio returning from Tripoli, at a press conference at Ciampino airport. "July 2 will be the date for the start of negotiations on the modification of the memorandum" said the Foreign Minister, adding that the Libyan proposal for modification must be "thorough" but seems to go "in the right direction as regards Italian requests for the protection of human rights ".

"Diaogo never interrupted"
"Today's trip to Libya has been crucial in re-establishing the threads of a dialogue that has never stopped, even in the most dramatic stages of Covid-19," said Di Maio. "My visit - he added - is in a framework of maximum European sharing, Libya is a priority for our foreign policy and national security. We are determined to defend our geostrategic interests, which coincide with those of the exhausted Libyan people We pointed out to President Serraj that the risk of fighting and victims to free Sirte must be avoided. It is essential to avoid the freezing of the conflict - he concluded - would lead to an unacceptable division for the country, an antechamber of new conflicts "

. Italy a division of Libya is unacceptable "
" Even in the most dramatic phases of the epidemic, Italy's dialogue with Libya has never stopped. Libya is a priority of our foreign policy and national security ". Italy considers a division of the country "unacceptable", which would be "the antechamber of new armed conflicts", Di Maio stressed.