A student rides in a school bus with the new green vest from the Pays-de-la-Loire region. - Pays de la Loire region / A. Monié - The beautiful mornings

The problem seems to persist and even get worse. While the time for the big summer holidays will soon strike, the threat of a shortage of school bus drivers for the next school year is resurfacing in the Pays-de-la-Loire.

To try to avoid this situation, Pôle Emploi and the National Federation of Passenger Transport are launching a new large-scale recruitment operation over the next ten days. A total of 700 permanent and part-time (20h) positions are available. "Those retained will be able to benefit from passenger transport training [lasting three months], fully funded and remunerated," says Pôle Emploi.

Tight job

Due to the demographic peak and the construction of educational establishments, the need for these professionals is more and more important each year in the region, and in particular in Loire-Atlantique. But this profession in tension, which offers restrictive hours and unattractive remuneration (between 600 and 700 euros per month on average) is struggling to attract.

To these already known difficulties are added those of a recruitment which takes place in a context of health crisis. Interested candidates (who must be over the age of 21 and hold a B permit) will have to apply online this year, via a virtual fair.


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